Say Hello to the Petes

DATA, Inc's development team has started a new series of custom web parts call "The Petes", and they're bringing attitude to the world of the standard .NET repeater web part. Each "Pete" will be a powerful and specialized repeater, bringing advanced functionality to the ease-of-use of the Kentico Design tab. The full list of DATA's Kentico Extensions can be found here: Kentico Extensions

Random Pete

Random PateRandom Pete, the Random Repeater for the Kentico CMS, takes a new spin on randomization. With typical randomization, you may get the same item over and over with each page refresh. If your cache settings aren't properly configured, then this goes from a 'maybe' to a 'definitely'. Random Pete is different in that it can guarantee the same item(s) are not shown back-to-back. This is done by saving the last item(s) viewed to the user’s cookies and ensuring that the next time the user visits the page, items previously viewed are excluded from the random selection process. Random Pete then steps it up a notch by adding a second option that will not reshow the same item(s) until the entire list of items have been viewed.

This even works when pulling a random set from a larger pool of items.  No item is re-shown in the set until all items in the pool have been seen. If the number of unseen items remaining in the pool is less than the set to be displayed, then Random Pete selects the unseen items, resets the list to start fresh, and fills the rest of the set from the full pool. Now that’s the kind of random you can depend on! Choose from three settings: standard random, random with no back-to-back, and random no-repeat.

Dyno Pete

Dyno PateDyno Pete, the Dynamic Transformation Repeater for the Kentico CMS, is not your ordinary repeater. When working with multiple document types in a standard repeater you are limited to selecting a single transformation to be shared among all document types. This limits you to either using only properties that are common to all document types or writing multiple ‘if/then’ statements. Dyno Pete allows you to use a separate transformation for each of your document types. As each item is rendered, Dyno Pete chooses the transformation associated with the item’s document type. Now you can have mixed document types within a single repeater, allowing each type to have its own transformation.

But wait there’s more! Not only do you get dynamic transformations, Dyno Pete also includes alternating dynamic transformations!


Upcoming Additions to the Pete Lineage

The Petes' family will continue to grow, as we've identified several other ways that the standard .NET repeater can be extended. Next on the list is "Where's Pete", a repeater that works with Google Maps. Check back often to see what's next for the Pete Series and other Kentico extensions from DATA, Inc.