Kentico Extensions

The Development Team at DATA, Inc. is constantly extending and customizing the Kentico Content Management System. Every now and then we come across some customization that bears repeating. As those opportunities become available, we develop custom web parts, modules, and templates that other people can make use of in their own development or site management. This is the repository where we make those extensions available. Feel free to browse around.

If you find that you need some custom functionality developed that can be used by a less-technical site editor such as an owner, content administrator, or marketing team, feel free to contact us. We'd love the opportunity to develop the features that make Kentico an indispensable part of your business.

  • Web Parts

    • The Pete Series

      The Pete Series is an ongoing set of specialty repeaters to meet recurring needs that have otherwise required custom development. Each "Pete" is tailored toward some very powerful functionality. Check it out!