Dyno Pete - The Dynamic Trasformation Repeater

Dyno Pete - The Dynamic Trasformation Repeater

Dyno Pete, the Dynamic Transformation Repeater for the Kentico CMS, is not your ordinary repeater. When working with multiple document types in a standard repeater you are limited to selecting a single transformation to be shared among all document types. This limits you to either using only properties that are common to all document types or writing multiple ‘if/then’ statements. Dyno Pete allows you to use a separate transformation for each of your document types. As each item is rendered, Dyno Pete chooses the transformation associated with the item’s document type. Now you can have mixed document types within a single repeater, allowing each type to have its own transformation. But wait there’s more! Not only do you get dynamic transformations, Dyno Pete also includes alternating dynamic transformations! Enjoy.

Brought to you by the team at DATA, Inc.


Version: 1.0

Web Part

Release Date: 9/15/2011
Kentico Versions: 5.x +